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SVNKit : Java based SVN library and client.

One day, in a project, I face an old Ubuntu box (Hardy Heron) and I must install subversion client on it. And, as you may guess, unfortunately I cannot use “sudo apt-get install subversion” command. Yes, because it’s an old ubuntu version. The Ubuntu said that there was no repository “link” for that version. I can still install, but the Ubuntu should be upgraded first. It’s risky because I work in an operational server. I should find something “stand alone” or “portable” subversion client and I find SVNKit.

SVNKit is pure Java Based open source and free subversion client which can be an alternative to use subversion client. You can find it at http://svnkit.com . What you need to do are :

  1. Install Java Runtime Engine (I use version 1.6) and then set your JRE_HOME environment variable. If you have one, skip this step.
  2. Download the and extract SVNKit in your favourite program folder.
  3. Run it from command line.

But keep in mind that this SVNKit is command line tools (and library). Almost all command start with the letter ‘j’. For example you can do checkout with this :

jsvn co http://your.repo.domain

Hope this useful.

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