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Dynamic DNS (DDNS) setup in home router

This talk is documentation about how to setup DDNS in home router Huawei HG8245H, to access mini web server (Apache web server) in raspberry pi that work in port 80. I use noip.com as a DDNS provider. Follow these steps to setup :

0. Connect your device and find out its address (in this case, Raspberry Pi with address

1. Access your home router via browser and login (default username : rootpassword : admin). Usually your home router address was ended with “1”, in my router it is end with

2. Find out your IP address in your WAN by selecting Status -> WAN Information (see picture below)

3. Register in noip.com and create new hostname.

4. Fill IPv4 field with with your WAN IP address (point  2).

5. Go back to your how router setting.

6.Select Network Application menu -> DDNS Configuration , and fill the form (see picture).

7.Select Forward Rules menu -> Port mapping configuration, and fill the form (see picture below).

8.Done !

You should wait for minutes to make the configuration work. Happy configuring !

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