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Connecting Ubuntu Mate in Raspberry Pi using TightVNC

Some people think that accessing Raspberry Pi using linux shell is not interesting. We only get the text only, the blinking cursor, etc. This talk will describe how to accessing Raspberry Pi (with installed Ubuntu Mate) using TightVNC to get the graphical user interface access.To follow this tutorial you must have Raspberry Pi (2/3) with Ubuntu Mate installed. This tutorial will be devide into two section, setup the vnc server in ubuntu and access the ubuntu from windows 10. These steps below, are intended to setup VNC server :

1. Turn on your Raspberry, and open “terminal”.

2. Execute these command :

3. Congratulations ! You have VNC server inside your Raspberry Pi.

4. Now it’s time to add the server configuration. Execute this command :

5. Add these lines in lightdm.conf:

The configuration tells that the VNC will work on port 5900 and you will get 800×600 window.

6 Restart lightdm by executing :

By now your VNC server should work. You can check by using nmap command to see that the VNC server is working on  port 5900.

Let’s continue….

To access the Raspberry Pi using VNC, your desktop computer must be in one network with your Raspberry Pi and you should have Java Runtime Environment. To start with, download the Tight VNC Java Viewer, and follow these steps to get in :

1. Extract and run the jar file. Fill the opening form with the Raspberry IP address

VNC Viewer window

2. Click connect button and you will get the Raspberry Pi window.


Here you can access your Raspberry Pi in your desktop PC ! Have a nice pi


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