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Read large gigabytes file in Java

Read large file in gigabytes using Java, requires simple techniques. We can not read all files and store in memory it consumes much more resources. Alternatively, we can read line by line and process it (displaying for example). In this talk, I’ll show a simple Java program that could do that task. Here is the code :


Learning polymorphism using Java & Processing Library

When I learned the traditional “shape polymorphism” as object oriented concept, my brain was pushed to see an abstract result of  Java code that pretended, “Oh this text is drawing triangle (or square, etc)”. Actually there was no square, no triangle and there was only text that print something. Fortunately, today processing library exists. It can help us much to learn polymorphism by drawing a real shape ! In this talk, I’ll explain how to use processing library to learn polymorphism with, of course, Java code. (more…)