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Neo4j jump start : Part 1-Installation

Want to learn Neo4j in a hurry? Install it first! This “59 seconds video” will show you how to install Neo4j graph database (also, you can find how to start and access the Neo4j graph database for your first time). After the installation, you can do anything with Neo4j graph database. Here is the video :  (more…)

Memilih tutorial TI di internet

Di internet, ada begitu banyak tutorial teknologi informasi/komputer yang ditulis oleh banyak orang atau lembaga. Sebut saja tutorial yang disediakan oleh tutorialspoint, w3school, dan sebagainya. Namun, dengan begitu banyaknya tutorial, menimbulkan kebingungan dan justru malah meninggalkan semuanya (yang terakhir ini hanya opini). Pada tulisan ini, saya akan coba mengulas bagaimana cara memilih tutorial yang ada, setidaknya berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi. (more…)

Create New neo4j Database in Linux

In Linux, starting and stopping Neo4J database are quite easy, as described in here. To start server you can execute this command :

./neo4j start

to stop server :

./neo4j stop

After start the server, we can operate a database located in $NEO_INSTALLATION/data/graph.db. Unfortunately, there is no command, something like ‘CREATE DATABASE’ in MySQL. In this post, I try to share my experience in creating new database in neo4j.  (more…)

Generate multiple barcode with jQuery and Barcode-coder

jQuery library for generating barcode like Barcode-coder, provides useful and simple barcode generator library. It support multiple format like BMP, CSS, and SVG. However, it lacks of documentation of how to generate multiple barcode. In this post I give a tips to make that library work in generating multiple barcode. (more…)

SVNKit : Java based SVN library and client.

One day, in a project, I face an old Ubuntu box (Hardy Heron) and I must install subversion client on it. And, as you may guess, unfortunately I cannot use “sudo apt-get install subversion” command. Yes, because it’s an old ubuntu version. The Ubuntu said that there was no repository “link” for that version. I can still install, but the Ubuntu should be upgraded first. It’s risky because I work in an operational server. I should find something “stand alone” or “portable” subversion client and I find SVNKit. (more…)